OUR Designs

Makeda is a creative platform for self designed clothes and assessóries , we connect the creative dots here for any ´body who wants to bring their creative ideas to textile, we provide an enabling environment where inspirationn and ideas transcend dimensions,featured here are original designs from several Designers associated with the Makeda Brand.


Makeda delivers to you, super cool and diverse designs, great quality T-shirts for any occasion if  you like funny t-shirts or themed t-shirts,  goofy creative t-shirts, t-shirts for your graduation Makeda got you covered, you can also send in pictures or suggestions of the design that you would like and with the assistance of one of our designers you can have the design that really suits you, perfect for a personalised gift.

In regards to personalised prints please write us email adress: with the idea you would printed, after which we can be your guide to express your personal style.